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Ainutlaatuinen painonpudotuksen opas e-kirjana nopeammille tuloksille ja ilmainen pääsy 4 viikon videotreeneihin nettikuntosalillamme!

HEPAFAR Liver Cleanse Tee

The most advanced cleansing herbal tea out there! Purify your body and get rid of harmful toxins the natural way.

  • Boost energy levels and enjoy your life again

  • Kickstart your weight loss and boost fat burning

  • Improve your digestion

  • Get rid of bloating

  • Reduce your stomach size

  • Natural active ingredients only

Contents: 1x HEPAFAR Liver Cleanse Tee 0 capsule/20 päivää

Annos 20 päivää

-31% lisäalennus
Erikoishinta 8,90 € Normaalihinta 12,90 €

Valitse paketti:

Vinkki: Säästä ylimääräinen 20% -kestotilauksella

(20 päivän annos)
31% alennus
12,90 €
8,90 €
Tee kestotilaus & säästä vielä enemmän
(Saa 20 päivän annos joka kuukausi)
20% lisäalennus
12,90 €
7,12 €

Detox tea for your liver

Flush out toxins and kickstart your weight loss now!

Help out your liver!

Stress, questionable food choices, medication, alcohol, cigarettes, environmental toxins…the list goes on. Your liver may be overwhelmed and you don’t even know it! Do you:

  • often feel tired and low on energy,

  • have difficulties losing weight,

  • notice that you’re gaining weight around the stomach,

  • feel bloated and have digestive problems,

  • feel sleepy even though you get at least 7 hours of sleep?

Flush out toxins by helping your liver with Hepafar Liver Cleanse Tea

It’s time to feel like your old self again!

All the benefits supplements offer, but in the form of a delicious, steaming cup of tea!

Supports liver regeneration

Boosts your metabolism and fat burning

Cleanses your body of toxins

Revitalises you and ups your energy levels

Don’t like taking pills and mixing powders?

Then this 100% natural herbal blend is for you!

Easy to take – just replace your regular cup of tea!

Gentle and completely safe

You can combine it with other Sensilab products

If you’re a tea lover, you’ll adore its pleasant aroma

A safe and gentle herbal blend for supporting your liver, kidneys and digestion and feeling good!

Dietetican approved

“Hepafar Liver Cleanse Tea is a natural tea blend designed to help improve the quality of your everyday life, starting with the liver.“

Tamara Rodica, Dietetician

A 20-day herbal detox with:

Active ingredients

HEPAFAR Liver Cleanse tea
Packaging (1 unit)20 teabags
Daily dose1 teabag
Net weight (1 unit)27.3 g

Milk thistle fruit40%
Green tea leaves30%
Burdock root15%
Dandelion root15%

How to use

The recommended daily intake is 1 teabag.

1 teabag

Once per day


Milk thistle fruit (40%), green tea leaves (30%), burdock root (15%), dandelion root (15%).


Never use boiling water for HEPAFAR tea! Pour fresh hot water (70-80°C) over the tea bag and steep for 10-15 minutes. We recommend using one tea bag per cup.


Store in a dry place at room temperature.